November 2012 Newsletter

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Hello again,

Another month has passed and we are on the verge of summer.  And Christmas.  If you’re like me, you’ll be starting to get anxious about what to buy for so and so – it’s the same every year, never gets any easier.

If you haven’t been in to see us, may I suggest you do so whilst we are all dressed up for Christmas.  Our friendly baby reindeer, named George by one of my granddaughters, will greet you as you first walk in – I warn you, his smile is infectious.   It is impossible to go past him without smiling back.

This month in the coffee shop has seen us get to know a few more locals, have a few more regulars and generally having fun.  We commenced Saturday trading last week, an experiment we thought we’d try until Christmas.  If last Saturday is anything to go by – it looks like Saturdays are in ….and perhaps Mondays will be out.  Watch this space for further notice!!

A very brief newsletter this month – enjoy the folllowing pics – they might help with gift ideas…. And if that fails, there are always Gift Certificates!


A colourful selection of door mats for the season…..


Beautiful Angels…

Gorgeous reindeer..

Practical gift – a phone dock (black or white)

Or perhaps a fabulous painting to grace your walls….

As you can see, we have been busy gathering lots of interesting things – would love to show them to you.  Hope to see you soon.

Until next time, keep smiling.