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Colour Consultation

Colour can transport us to a world of calm and peace or invigorate and enliven us.  Choosing the right colour for any area is one of the most important decisions you will make for your home. 


Furniture and furnishings and their placement are vital to the styling process. 


We can assist with the preparation of drawings and guide you through the permit processes. 

Project Planning & Co-ordination

Décor-Arte Interiors can provide planning and co-ordination services for your project.

Talk to the Designer...


Welcome to Décor-Arte Interiors!

Have you every come home from a holiday in a luxury resort and wished that sense of comfort would be waiting at home for you? Or felt the peace and tranquillity of a favourite destination and wondered how you might achieve that feeling at home?

At Décor-Arte Interiors we understand our client’s desire for creating environments that suit their lifestyle. Whether you need a room that serves a busy household with the constant movement of children and pets or an area in which you can relax and unwind, Décor-Arte Interiors has the expertise you need.

If achieving your perfect home includes building works, our team of experienced, professional tradespeople will ensure your home has minimal disruption during the process. Our builders, painters, plumbers and electricians will work closely with our design consultant to provide you with an experience and result which will delight you. Your consultant will liaise with you throughout the whole process to ensure you dream becomes a reality.

Whether you are considering a colour change for your whole home or just one room or if you need a complete remodelling of your home’s layout or you just need a few special items to enhance your living space, let Décor-Arte Interiors be your guide. Why not take the first step today?