March 2013 Newsletter

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Hello again!

Hard to believe that Easter has been and gone and the year is marching along at a cracking pace.  We hope you have had a wonderful Easter break with all the people and places that you love most.  John and I were very pleased to have Sunday lunch at our place this year  – quite a gathering.

At Decor-Arte Interiors we are constantly searching for new and exciting ways to brighten our homes and of course – ourselves.  We have a couple of new jewellry suppliers and their wares are just stunning.

The leather and freshwater pearl necklaces and bracelets are just beautiful.

Something new for us – children’s books.  We don’t stock a lot of any one thing as you know, so be quick to get a copy of the gorgeous picture book with the very topical theme of ‘Save Our World’. Another fantastic idea is the ‘And Then..’ a set of cards which has 20 story beginnings to which children add their own endings.  Younger ones can have the first part read to them and then draw the ending as they see it.  I’ve had to re-order as the first lot sold out within days!


I know I have said it many times before – but it worth repeating.  It is amazing what a big difference something as simple as new cushions can make to a room.  Our ‘bedroom’ has received a new lease on life with a few new colours – with handbags to match!  Our ‘living’ room has taken on a sumptuousness of a 5 star resort with colourful cushions highlighted by the very large mirror.

(Peel me another grape…..)

Have I mentioned I just love lanterns?  I would have them all over our home if I could…. Ever thought of putting a couple of our flamless candles in a lantern and putting them in your bathroom?  These candles are so clever – they have a very subtle fragrance AND they have a timer so you can set and forget.  No more worries about accidents with flames – or soot on the ceiling!

Some very exciting news – we have officially launched our Book Club!  Our first meeting was small but very informative.  We chose ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ as our first book and I for one am very much looking forward to our discussion on the 4th Wednesday in April.  (Please contact me if you’d like to join.)  We also agreed to contribute a small amount each month to be donated to a literacy program at the end of the year.  In this small way we hope to share our love of reading with those who may not have had the opportunity to explore this marvellous world.

It seems I love so many things – and its true.  In past newsletters I have shown you the Rapunzel chair which begs to be sat on – great to read in I’m sure! Another favourite is the new wallpaper/murals that are finally coming back ‘in’.  I just love the one in my office – and the same company has a lusious large leaf one that would be perfect for our ‘garden room’ if I didn’t already have a stunning mural in there!!  I also love this ‘blossom’ – looks perfect in this bedroom.

Sweet Dreams…

On that note – I wish you a wonderful April with a reminder to make time for yourself.  Until next time,

Keep smiling.