July 2013 Newsletter

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Hello again,

I know I’m a little late with this newsletter – but I have an excuse….. a dinosaur ate my homework…..

Well, OK – not really, but I did meet this one at the latest trade fair.  He was very impressive with his roar and his moving tail, but alas, he did not follow me home to Decor-Arte Interiors.  (He certainly would have put our place on the map!!)

It has been an frantic time with travelling back and forth to two exhibitions within the space of 4 weeks, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.  I am very excited to have found the bed within an ottoman – a great space saving concept that opens with incredible ease.  I first saw this item a number of years ago and then lost contact with the source.  Very happy to tell you the supplier is local!

Another inovative decorating idea is the poster containing a whole book – see below.  Very clever – but don’t try to read it in one go.

Each poster has an interesting design which highlights the storyline.  (see pic)  You can just imagine the book poster for The Tales of Beatrix Potter.  Or Peter Pan.  A gift for the reader who has everything.

We are very excited about our newest edition to the jewelry line – Silver Spoon Jewely – I can’t wait till the order arrives, have reserved some for myself.  Let me know what you think.


Of course I couldn’t shop without buying handbags – the new range from the beautiful Mindi at Zafino is stunning.  (Yes – I reserved one for myself!!)  New colours, new styles – just gorgeous.


Want to add some style and drama to your home?  What about this gorgeous fountain?  We will have one on display as soon as they arrive so you will see – and hear – just how beautiful they are.

Also arriving soon are new ‘decorator’ artworks.  Very large scenes of the Eiffel Tower and Poet’s Walk in London.  Talk about making a statement.

Our very popular TabCoosh will be coming back in gorgeous red, black and some white ones too.  The perfect accessory for your iPad.  Don’t you just love those clever people who come up with these ideas?

There are many more new and interesting items to come – too many to list here.

Spring is just around the corner, the days are getting longer and the promise of balmy evenings outdoors keep us going through these cold days.  The perfect time to start thinking about making those changes or adding that colour you’ve always wanted.  I’d love to help you make your home decorating dream a reality.

Until next time, remember to take time for yourself, and as always,

Keep smiling.