June 2013 Newsletter

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Hello again,

Hard to believe, but here we are at the end of another financial year.  So many last minute things to do – this newsletter being just one!

Hope this last month has been kind – winter arrived at last but I can’t say we welcomed it.  The constant rain this past week has been a tad depressing…..thankfully we have lots of cheery faces popping in to brighten our days.

Winter puts us in mind of huddling around a fire or under a blanket, drinking hot chocolate (or the beverage of your choice!!) and generally letting the world get on without much input from you.  I have been a little obsessed lately with the idea of a fireplace – to be honest, it’s not ‘lately’ at all, I have wanted one for ages and can see it happening sometime in the near future.  Something like this perhaps?

I just love the romance of a fireplace – maybe a gorgeous rug, very comfy chairs or sofa and a TV directly above it.  The TV I have in mind is a gorgeous mirror when not in use – so your big 60″ TV doesn’t dominate the room when you’re not watching it – see below.

Another focus for me this month has been lighting.  How many of us notice light fittings in a home?  Yet they can really turn an ordinary, serviceable area into something spectacular.  Take the dining table for instance – just your average oyster light fitting is fine – unless you want to make a statement.  Your statement is very individual, personal and should reflect your philosophy on the area – be it relaxation zone, eating zone or sleeping area.  Whilst I am a fan of the downlight in certain areas I love a lamp or light fitting that says    “Here I am – love me?”

Very differnt styles for very different people and places.  It’s one of the things I love most about my job – discovering what my clients really want.  Often it’s a case of their discovering it at the same time – how can you know you really want something until you see it?

We had a lovely look around at the launch of the new Boyd Blue catalogue on Wednesday night.  Saw some beautiful pieces and collected some new ideas.  I have always admired their casual classy style with their signature ‘mirror’ pieces.   Was very impressed by their ‘Prisma’ buffet and the ‘Owl’ stool certainly caught my attention! (see below)


It’s almost that time again – Trade Fair time!!  I am very much looking forward to the Decoration & Design Fair and Furnitex in Melbourne next month.  I’ll be on the lookout for new products, new ideas as well as attending seminars.  Stay tuned…..

As one financial year ends and new one begins let us all be mindful of how very fortunate we Australians are.  Leaving out  politics completeley – we are blessed to be living in this country at this time.

So…until next time, make some time for yourself, think of the rain as cleansing, and always remember,

Keep smiling.