August 13 Newsletter

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Hello again,

Once again I am late …..I think I have a syndrome…’s called ‘always overestimating how much I can get done in any one set time bracket’ – so consequently, I am always chasing my tail!  Of course the other reason could be my long standing belief that the world is actually spinning faster and therefore time is speeding by faster than before.  Work for you?

August has seen us enjoying some glorious weather – and perhaps it’s the weather that has lifted everyone’s spirits.  We have certainly seen more smiling faces lately….

If you have been with us on this journey from the outset you might know that next Tuesday (10th September) we will be celebrating our first birthday.  It seems impossible that a year has gone by but the calendar tells us that it is indeed true.  So….come in to see us on Tuesday and you will receive a free coffee and a mini cupcake.  Our way of saying thank you for being such wonderful supporters.

This seems like an appropriate time to recap the work that has taken place here in Halstead Street.

This is what the cafe looked like at the beginning …..



 And this is what it looks like now.


           My office then…..


                   And now.

Downstairs is where one of the most dramatic changes have occurred…

Now it looks like this….

Of course I have an ulterior motive for all this nostalgia.  This is just a gentle reminder that our core business is interior design.  We have turned this ordinary factory space into something special.  Imagine what might be possible at your place!

It really has been an incredible 12 months.  John and I would like to say thank you – you have been such an inspiration.  We look forward to celebrating our big day with you.  Please come visit.

Until next time, remember to take time for yourself, and as always,

Keep smiling.