May 2014 Newsletter

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Hello again,

Well autumn certainly arrived with a flourish didn’t it?  The days might still be glorious but as soon as the sun goes down there is no mistaking that chill.  Time to get out the winter woolies….and the knitting!

In my office I have a number of beautiful books filled with the work of distinguished interior designers.  In every picture or design there are always a number of elements that don’t work for me.  This is a very personal thing of course, and in no way do I seek to diminsh the work of these designers. Perhaps that’s why I feel so passionately about the things that do work – they just ‘feel’ right. That’s what I like my clients to experience when I work with them – that they ‘feel’ the end result is going to be something they will be happy to live with for years to come.  I hear of projects that leave the clients feeling less than overjoyed and one factor that stands out is that the client’s wishes have largely been ignored.  The professionals might have access to the latest trends or colour palettes, but if it doesn’t resonate with the people who are going to live in the home – it just won’t work.  My advice to potential clients is know what you absolutely cannot live with, e.g. yellow walls but also what you need to feel comfortable – such as carpet instead of floorboards.  If that’s what you want, never be put off by ‘trends’.  

Enough on that – now on to some more exciting things!

We were very pleased to be invited to display our handbag and jewellry range at the recent fashion parade organized by the wonderful Lamrock Committee (raising money for St George Hospital) and featuring Marielle’s Boutique at Sans Souci.  What a great night – congratulations to all involved.  (Below a small sample of some of our offerings on the night.)



 Some things you might have missed if you haven’t been downstairs for a while…..


I know you’ve seen these before..but I just LOVE the lyre vase….


And then my favourite part of the whole building….

Lastly, thank you to those of you who sent me a note after the last newsletter – it’s always encouraging to know you are following us and like what you read.  We love hearing from you!

Until next time – remember to take time for yourself – and of course,

Keep smiling.