March – April 2014 Newsletter

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Before we begin this month’s newsletter – apologies for the long delay.  Technical difficulties have been a major issue this month. 

Hello again,

It seems hard to believe, but Easter is almost here!  Daylight saving has ended and the long nights have begun.  Counting the days until DST is reinstated….

On one of my recent shopping expeditions I discovered these cute little mirrored words – perfect for a bedroom.  So of course I had to have them.  Thank you Dash – you always have something new to show me.

Absolutely perfect in this space….

Something new you might be interested in is the artwork that arrived this week.  I have mentioned before that nudes can make me a little nervous – they are a very personal choice – but the one we have is so subtle it would fit anywhere.  What do you think?


Then we have the ‘Autumn’ series….(can be sold separately)

And of course the gorgeous ‘Romance’ of the Tango Dancers

If something soft and serene is what you’re looking for – there is nothing like a fountain to soothe the senses.

Especially if it’s situated in front of something like this gorgeous mural.  The effect is beautiful.

We left off last month with a project I was working on – a very small powder room with a hand basin proudly showing off it’s plumbing.  Something I am not a fan of.  I can safely say the makeover was a stunning success with the simple yet realistic adjustment of opening the door outwards (as you would a linen press or wardrobe).  The space gained was more than enough for an elegant little vanity and decorative pieces. Please drop me a note and let me know what you think.

The before photo….                                     and the after photo…..


Interior design isn’t always about big projects, sometimes it’s the smallest things that, once addressed, give us enormous satisfaction.  It could be as simple as changing the cushions on our lounge or bed – or dramatic as opening up a whole exciting space by taking out a wall.  Adding some artificial flowers, a flameless candle in a beautiful vase or ornament can add drama and depth to the smallest of places.

In the cafe we have introduced a new dish – which has quickly become a favourite – and reintroduced an old favourite for the cooler months.  Lamb Koftas with minted yoghurt and salad is the new whilst home made lamb and vegetable soup already had quite a following.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s newsletter – late as always!  Remember – I’d love to get some feedback, so please send me an email and let me know what you think.

Until next time, remember to take time for yourself – have a wonderful, very special Easter break – and of course…..

Keep smiling.