July 2014 Newsletter

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Hello again,

Hard to believe we are now in August and the past couple of months have just slipped by almost un-noticed!

With the EFO (End of Financial Year) paperwork, the re-organization of the downstairs display room, a couple of shopping trips to Melbourne – time has just snuck past me…..again!!

I’ll address the Trade Fairs first. The first I attended was the Decor & Design and I was hoping to come back with all sorts of fabulous new ideas to share with you. Alas….the only thing that really caught my eye was a fabulous new pendant by those quirky, clever people at Herman & Herman.

I can see it in a beautiful undercover outdoor setting.

The most recent trip also proved a little disappointing. Although I bought some gorgeous new items ( things we haven’t had before ) as well as some very cute Christmas things (I know it seems too soon!!) there wasn’t a lot of innovation this year.

So let’s turn our attention to our redecorating of downstairs. It took a little muscle, a little preparation and lots of love. We’re very happy with the result – hope you feel the same.

This now greets you as you walk downstairs to the lower level.

I just love the shadows this lamp casts.

These are just stunning.

You really just have to walk around to get the whole picture and feel the ‘serenity’. The sound of the water bubbling in the fountain is so relaxing. The hanging chair, mirrors and greenery all add to the sense of calmness and joy that we all crave.

As for jewellry, we have some your favourites as well as exciting new products about to arrive. Something different for us – sunglasses. We decided to trial just a few pairs to see what the interest is so please pop in and have a look….and try them on!


I heard on the ‘grapevine’ that this season’s theme is ‘Tribal’ so get out your leopard paraphanalia and feathers and beads and party! (Probably not quite our clientele but thought I would pass it on.)

Also on trends…have you seen any applications of Pantone’s Colour of the year? Please send me examples if you come across any – I would love to see them.

Pastels, gold and brass and wallpaper have all been big on the design scene this year. Many furniture manufacturers have incorporated the metallic theme into their designs with stunning effect. The ‘Humphrey Silver Cabinet’ and the ‘Ponti Gold’ from Regency Distribution are just two examples.

Spring is almost here and I for one can’t wait! I love the promise of longer, sunnier days. Of bright, fresh blossoms and flowers and a general re-awakening of the natural world. Spring is also a time when we think of cleaning out the old and refreshing our surroundings. If we can be of any service (with the refreshing…not the cleaning!!) please come in and have a talk to us.

Until next time – remember to take time for yourself – and as always,

Keep smiling!