August 2014 Newsletter

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Hello again,

Hope this finds you all well and happy – I for one am delighted that daylight saving is back….getting home in daylight and being able to do a little work outside before nightful is just wonderful.

August and September have again marched by at a phenomenal pace. Spring has sprung and the blossoms are out to enjoy. Below are just a few examples of the delightful flowers our new garden has provided us with.


(We can’t take any credit….the previous owners did all the work!!)

Continuing on the ‘nature’ theme, it seems that the predictions for next years colours are based on just that – nature.  The beautiful hues of sunsets, flowers and all things natural together with some imaginative pattern work will bring you right up to date if you are comtemplating changes in the new year.  Below are just a few examples of what we have to look forward too.  (I’m excited!)

Pale gold sky will translate well to home decor.

Those that know me will remember that I have always been a fan of this deep green….always!

This gorgeous burnt orange really makes a statement.

Med Blue….so relaxing and refreshing at the same time…love it!


Just 2 examples of how you can bring these trends into your home now….

Other examples of what you could bring into your home now….gorgeous new bags and fabulous new necklaces…(gold & silver).  


What about these gorgeous watches…..?

I hope this newsletter has given you something to think about. Our interior design consulting service is the next step in making your dreams of a home that reflects your personality become a reality.  We are only a telephone call away.

John and I are really looking forward to our break at the beginning of November.  For the first time in almost two and half years we are taking time off during the working year.  We would like to advise our clients and friends that from Friday 31st October until Wednesday 12th November Decor-Arte Interiors and DAI Cafe will be closing at 3.00pm and will not open on Saturday 1st and Saturday 8th November and be closed on Mondays as ususal. We thank you in advance for your understanding.

Until next time – remember to take time for yourself – and as always, 

Keep smiling!