June 2012 Newsletter

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Hello again!

I’m sure we’re all feeling the cold this year – we can’t remember one quite so bad, but then, that could have something to do with the numbers on our birth certificate.

To counter the cold and do some ‘designing’ in our humble home, I have sourced a great looking flue-less gas heater.  It not only looks good, but I’m looking forward to the energy savings – not to mention the financial!

These past few weeks have seen more movement towards opening day.  As I mentioned in my last newsletter, my husband John’s surprise heart surgery put us back a bit, but we’re back on track.

We have our name on the door!!

The carpet has been laid on the display level and looks wonderful.  It makes such a difference to the feel of the place – and the sound!  This morning should see the remaining coffee shop floor being laid, which leaves just the carpeting down the stairs and associated skirting to complete that side of things.  Very exciting.

The ‘before’ photo…

The ‘after’ photo… well, almost the ‘after photo’ – still much to come.

The ‘commercial kitchen’ is in hand and the counter tops and colours have been chosen.  The required non-slip flooring in the working areas blend in well with the gorgeous ‘planks’ of vinyl in the coffee shop.

Today we had a sales demonstration of an exciting new product Decor-Arte Interiors will be stocking.  I am really excited about this range of flameless candles – they look gorgeous, some have timers so you can set and forget, and some are made especially for the outdoors. All this practicality – and absolute beauty are only surpassed by the security of knowing that they are perfectly safe in any situation.

Something else for you to look at when you visit.

The visitors’ lounge area!

So as you can see, we haven’t been idle – and we are very excited to be getting ever closer to the big day.

Until next time – keep smiling.